The History of Chocolate

The cocoa tree dates back in 1000 B.C. Its geographic origin is Central America and Mexico, where there are findings of its existence.

The Maya tribe was the first who developed and cultivated the cocoa crops, which they nominated symbolically as coin (transaction commodity in a barter economy). By doing so, cocoa crops were a great help to their commerce and people’s increasing wealth.

The cocoa in Europe

Between 1550 and 1600 is when the first cocoa cargo arrives in Europe, specifically in Spain, by the conqueror Hernan Cortés.

The cocoa tree and its crops/ fruit

The cocoa tree is one of the most delicate trees that grow in warm and wet climates in the North and South of the Equator.

In these areas of the world, the cocoa trees reach approximately 8-10 m. height and have thin trunks.

They are protected by the natural phenomena because they grow under the shade of much higher trees.

The cocoa fruit resembles a melon in which lay the cocoa seeds.

Varieties of Cocoa

By the end of the 18th century, we have two cocoa varieties registered: Criollo and Forastero. At the beginning of the 19th century, we discovered a third one, Trinitario.


Criollo Variety

Criollo is the rarest cocoa variety, of unique quality, with an intense aroma. Its name was given by the settlers/ colonists of Venezuela.

It represents less than 5% of global production and is threatened with extinction because it is sensitive and prone to plant diseases.


Forestero Variety

Forestero represents 80% of the global production and it is a common cocoa variety. The most aromatic forestero is national and is cultivated in Ecuador.

Trinitario Variety

Trinitario is a hybrid between Forestero and Criollo. It represents 15% of global production. This particular hybrid is less sensitive than Criollo and more aromatic than Forestero.

It consists of characteristics of both cocoa varieties and the countries of production are Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and Central America.

How can you distinguish the cocoa of good quality?

It has intense aroma, original characteristics, fine taste of cocoa, and aromas of fruits or flowers.

Which countries produce the best cocoa?

Venezuela, Costa Rica, Equator, Indonesia, Jamaica, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Panama, and New Guinea are globally the most recognisable countries of cocoa origin.

Real Chocolate Drink

Chocolate beverages with real chocolate – the chocolate bar that is grinned at the certified exemplary production lab, where the recipes for Real Chocolate Drink are created.

Without starch, no E-agents added, no additional aroma enhancers, without salt, and low sugar content.

Real Origin Colombian Drink

One of the rarest and sought-after cocoa varieties in the world, Criolo and Trinitario, which are cultivated in Central America and Colombia.

Aromas of fruits and flowers and delightful touches of nuts are the characteristics of this cocoa flavour that make its taste special in comparison to other chocolate varieties.

Thanks to is natural origin, the color of this cocoa is light brown.

Real Origin Ivory Coast Chocolate

The most refined/ sophisticated cocoa variety, this of Ivory Coast, comes form a selected origin from the Ivory Coast.

Fine aroma, rich flavor, sweet-bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate.

A rare recipe of authentic thick dark chocolate.